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Saudi Couturier Ashi Studio To Grace Paris Haute Couture Week

In a remarkable milestone for the Gulf fashion industry, Saudi designer Mohammed Ashi, the visionary founder of the renowned Ashi Studio based in Paris, has been granted guest membership by the esteemed Fédération de la Haute Couture. As an esteemed guest member, Ashi has been accorded the privilege of showcasing his latest collection at the illustrious Paris Haute Couture Week, scheduled for 6th July 2023. This historic invitation marks the first time a couturier from the Gulf region has been bestowed such an honor, solidifying Ashi's esteemed position on the official fashion week calendar.

Seventeen years ago, Ashi embarked on a creative journey that led to the establishment of his eponymous house. With an unwavering commitment to artistic excellence, Ashi's designs have graced the graceful forms of A-list celebrities, including luminaries such as Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Hudson, Kylie Minogue, Penélope Cruz, Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor, and even the illustrious Queen Rania of Jordan, to name but a few.

Overjoyed by this momentous recognition, Ashi humbly stated, "This appointment is the highlight of my career. I will honor it in the memory of the great couturiers who came before me and whom I now join in the pursuit of this grand tradition of excellence in creativity and savoir-faire."

Ashi‘s pivotal career moment came when he enlisted the aid of a single skilled seamstress to bring his visions to life. Couture, with all its challenges and triumphs, has served as a channel for expressing Ashi's inner energy, enabling him to convey his artistic brilliance in the pursuit of high art.

In an expression of profound gratitude, Ashi extended his heartfelt appreciation to those who have tirelessly contributed to realizing his dreams, acknowledging that this momentous achievement would not have been possible without the exceptional talent and unwavering dedication of his atelier. Through an emotional Instagram post, he shared, "This recognition brings me the greatest emotion; it offers me the opportunity to share with you who I am. As this new chapter unfolds, I recognize that today would not be possible without the exceptional talent and dedication of my atelier. I wish to thank everyone who has worked to bring my dreams to life."

Ashi's designs bear the unmistakable imprint of his Saudi heritage, a testament to his pride in his roots. Earlier this year, he unveiled his flagship store in Riyadh, which marked a significant milestone in his illustrious career. Anticipating the grand opening, he proclaimed, "I look forward to bringing the opulence and fantasy of couture to my home country." With a thriving fashion scene and the steadfast support of the Fashion Commission, Saudi Arabia continues to foster emerging talent, and Ashi is a shining testament to the Kingdom's burgeoning fashion landscape.

As anticipation mounts for Paris Haute Couture Week, the fashion world eagerly awaits Ashi Studio's awe-inspiring presentation. With his boundless creativity and unwavering dedication, Mohammed Ashi is poised to leave an indelible mark on the prestigious fashion capital, Paris, as he embarks on this extraordinary chapter of his illustrious career.

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