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Introducing ASTERI: Saudi's New Premium Beauty Brand

Saudi-founded beauty brand ASTERI is set to make its global debut this month as it launches in the Middle East. ASTERI is an innovative and fresh new beauty brand, founded by Saudi entrepreneur, Sara Al Rashed who has created a complete make-up collection, designed to celebrate the uniqueness and strength of Arab Women. The brand encompasses the vision of its founder through incredible quality products, densely pigmented formulas, and desert-proof make-up that boasts outstanding performance.

Al Rashed shares, “I realised that there wasn’t a brand that represented the modern Arab woman who doesn’t fit the traditional stereotypes. Asteri is inspired by strong Arab women, who are always pushing boundaries and reaching for the stars.”

Being inspired by Arab women, ASTERI aims to share the knowledge and expertise gained from the art of makeup, which has deep roots in the Middle East. As beauty trends may come and go, the region is undeniably where it all began. Makeup has a rich history in the Middle East, and in the face of the world's most extreme weather, the women of the region have high expectations of their makeup. ASTERI's smart formulas rise to the challenge through problem-solving, skin-loving formulations that don't need touching up throughout the day or heavy layers to last.

What sets ASTERI apart is its commitment to being vegan, microplastic-free, and cruelty-free. The brand stands for clean beauty, created with harmless and sensitizing ingredients to deliver skin-friendly formulas. They also use recyclable materials for their packaging, with 80% made from pre-loved plastic.

ASTERI offers makeup with a unique point of view: The New Makeup Movement. Their beauty products offer protective skin care properties and high-performance color, designed for extreme weather and a diverse range of skin types and colors. A-Beauty is designed to work in extreme weather, from intense dry heat to excessive humidity. At its core, ASTERI's authenticity lies in the inclusive inclusion of a wide range of skin tones and types that are typical of the diverse populations of Arab regions.

As Saudi Arabia's new premium beauty brand, ASTERI is modern, weatherproof, and has buildable formulas that allow for a more flexible, weightless application whilst still delivering impactful and highly pigmented color as well as balancing and protective skin care benefits. An inclusive and diverse range of makeup shades will resonate with women across the Middle East and the world.

Every ASTERI formulation has undergone independent laboratory tests to replicate the most hot and humid weather conditions imaginable, resulting in makeup formulas that are durable, comfortable, and reliable.

With ASTERI, Saudi Arabia welcomes a new era of premium beauty. The brand celebrates the beauty of Arab women while embracing their diverse needs and desires. It combines the rich heritage of Middle Eastern makeup with innovative formulations and a commitment to clean, sustainable beauty. ASTERI is here to empower women and illuminate their beauty like never before.

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