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Saudi Arabia Has Been Ranked The World’s 7th Most Optimistic Nation

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has recently been recognized as one of the world’s most trusting and optimistic nations, according to the latest report from global communications firm Edelman. The report, titled “Navigating a Polarized World,” examined levels of trust across business, government, media, and NGOs from over 32,000 respondents in 28 countries. The report conveys that Saudi Arabia is the seventh most optimistic nation globally, “defying the trend of economic pessimism and polarization.” The country prides itself on elevated levels of trust across all institutions, with 83 percent of respondents indicating their trust in the government. In comparison, the global average of trust in government is only at 50 percent.

Moreover, 73 percent of respondents trust business, indicating that companies operating in the country have garnered significant public confidence. The report also showed that 79 percent of Saudi employees trust their employers, indicating a high level of satisfaction with the work environment.

73 percent of respondents buy products based on their beliefs and values, indicating a growing trend of conscientious consumption among Saudis. This trend works well for companies that prioritize ethical and sustainable business practices.

The report also identified that trust in NGOs in the Kingdom is relatively high, with 66 percent of respondents indicating their trust in these organizations. Among multinational organizations, the World Health Organization was found to be the most trusted, ahead of the UN and the EU.

Commenting on the findings, Kenana Dahlan, general manager of Edelman Saudi Arabia, stated that “the Edelman Trust Barometer has proven to be an invaluable tool in highlighting critical global issues. In Saudi Arabia, the results indicate an increase in trust toward the government, which is now viewed as a key player in driving positive change alongside the business community. Furthermore, the survey shows that Saudi Arabia has emerged as the most unified country amongst all those surveyed, indicating a strong sense of national cohesion and solidarity.”

Over all, Saudi Arabia's positive outlook is a testament to the country's successful efforts in building trust across institutions, fostering a sense of unity among its citizens, and promoting a culture of ethical and sustainable business practices. The report's findings are a promising indication of the country's continued growth and progress, and it serves as a call for other nations to follow suit in building trust and promoting unity among their citizens.

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