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Red Sea Global Launches Akun, A Thrilling Adventure Sports Brand

Red Sea Global, the renowned multi-project developer that has made a name for itself with The Red Sea and Amaala, has launched an exciting adventure sports brand, Akun, which is set to offer exclusive experiences for guests at its prestigious destinations. In keeping with its commitment to creating extraordinary experiences for its guests, Red Sea Global is confident that Akun will take visitors on a diverse range of unforgettable adventures through awe-inspiring seas and landscapes.

John Pagano, the Group CEO of Red Sea Global, expressed his delight at the launch of Akun, stating that the experiences available for their guests are just as important as the destinations themselves. Pagano added, "Akun will offer a diverse range of ‘bucket-list’ adventures set in, over, and throughout breath-taking sea and landscapes, and each builds on the exciting sense of exploration we nurture at our destinations."

At Red Sea Global's destinations, Akun will manage and operate adventure and sports experiences such as gravel, mountain, fat-tire, and electric biking, as well as trail running and hiking along natural paths of diverse terrains. For the more adventurous, climbing, scrambling, and various action sports suitable for both beginners and athletes will also be available.

Akun will also be closely linked to the local communities in each destination, promoting conservation and cultural paths while showcasing the rich history of these ancient sites. This approach highlights the brand's commitment to responsible tourism that supports the local economy and preserves the cultural heritage of the communities.

The brand is one of the RSG-owned subsidiary companies that will bolster its developments. In February, the first two subsidiaries, WAMA, which offers water sports activities, and Galaxea, which offers diving experiences, were announced. "Combined with WAMA and Galaxea, our water sports and diving brands, we can now offer a full trio package of sporting experiences ahead of our first guests arriving at The Red Sea this year," said Pagano.

Furthermore, Akun has already signed two initial partnership deals with operators Bungy New Zealand and Air Sports Group. Air Sports Group will conduct a 13-week on-site technical evaluation to determine the potential for air sports in Amaala and The Red Sea, featuring sports such as skydiving, paragliding, paramotoring, and hot air ballooning.

With the opening of three Red Sea resorts this year, along with the first phase of the Red Sea International Airport that will welcome domestic flights, Red Sea Global's ambitions are reaching new heights. Upon completion in 2030, the destination will feature 50 resorts with up to 8,000 hotel rooms and over 1,000 residential buildings spread across 22 islands and six inland areas.

Red Sea Global's new adventure sports brand, is set to offer guests unforgettable experiences that will take them on unique adventures through natural paths, terrains, and ancient lands of the Red Sea and Amaala destinations. The brand's commitment to responsible tourism and the development of local communities will undoubtedly be a significant attraction for adventure-seeking travelers.

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