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23 Things To Do In 2023 In Saudi Arabia

You know us, we love our listicles.
1- Spend the night stargazing in Al Ula The beautiful skies, ancient history surrounding you at every corner, and a million stars. Does anything sound more perfect?
2- Take a walk in Riyadh Boulevard City Shining lights, the exciting buzz of a city, and an excellent moment to a cool Instagram story.
3- Watch the sunset in Umluj. One of the many oceanside treasures in Saudi Arabi, sunsets at this little island are priceless.

4- Try out the coolest water activities in Jeddah. From snorkeling to waterboarding, Jeddah’s Red Sea is the place to be.
5- Book an authentic stay in Ad-Diriyah. There are many amazing resorts in the marvelous Ad-Diriyah that provide a traditional experience in which you can experience the historic city as recommended.
6- Catch the fireworks in the upcoming Eid Al-Adha.

Every Eid, fireworks illuminate the skies in Saudi Arabia and if you missed the ones this past week, fret not! There is Eid Al Adha coming up in June, and you will not be disappointed.
7- Ride the cycling trail in Khobar corniche. Khobar’s corniche is one of our favorite seaside trails for biking. Get your group and friends and head on down there to check out the unparalleled views.
8- Try out sandboarding in Rub Al Khali desert. Yes, it’s a thing. Sandboarding in Rub Al Khali desert is one of the coolest things you can do this year.
9- Visit one of the local markets.

Saudi Arabia boasts of the local markets all over the country so make sure you visit at least one before the year ends. Oh, and practice your bargaining skills!
10- Take on off-road adventure in Dhahran region. 4x4 vehicles and endless views, this is something you must experience in Saudi Arabia at least once.
11- Visit Al-Ahsa, the biggest oasis in the world. Al-Ahsa is the biggest palm oasis in the world, and the views are truly fantastic there.
12- Dine at LPM, whose chef Durga Misra has earned a Michelin star.

LPM Riyadh is one of the most coveted restaurants in the capital, it’s a must-try gastronomy experience.
13- Relive your childhood in Bounce Riyadh. We don’t know about you, but we love having child-like fun from time to time. Bounce Riyadh will give you exactly that.
14- Catch a Cirque du Soleil show in Jeddah. Cirque du Soleil is always passing by Saudi Arabia, so check your calendars and catch the stunning show next time they’re in town.
15- Check out the iconic mud-brick village in Al Balad Old Town.

A mud-brick village is surely something cool to add to your bucket list. Well make your way to the old town of Jeddah and behold the marvelous architecture.
16- Book a night at the ultra-luxe Habitas in Al Ula. Something truly otherworldly, Habitas Al Ula is an unforgettable, perpetual memory you will have.
17- Take an epic road trip across the world’s largest sand desert. Right across the border, From Ibri, Oman to Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia make sure you pack snacks and a fun road trip buddy.
18- Take your insta-worthy sunset photo in front of the Elephant Rock.

Right when the sun is setting is when this picture will pop off. Thank us later!
19- Visit Loopagoon Water Park in Khobar. One of the most fun water parks in Khobar, and as the weather is getting Loopagoon is the place to be for a blast!
20- Indulge in a traditional Saudi feast at Al-Najd Village. What’s a Saudi listicle without an authentic Saleeg dish? Our ultimate favorite is always Najd Village.
21- Visit an exhibition by Riyadh Art.

All of the initiatives are very interesting to watch, but one that has caught our attention recently is “Art On The Move”.
22- Take a hike in Mount Raum. A recent attraction for hikers in Saudi Arabia is Mount Raum offering panoramic views of Najran.
23- Visit one of the 100 islands in Tabuk. The coastline in Tabuk offers amazing waters, and a whopping 100 islands! If you’re a beach person, this is your go-to place for adventure.

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