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12 Scenes From Al Maktab That We Love

If you’ve been anywhere online these past months then you have for sure been seeing all the rage Al Maktab has been creating.

MBC and Shahid group teamed up together to create a Saudi version of the iconic show, The Office. An American sitcom about a group of colleagues who go through comical mishaps at the Pennsylvania branch of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. Throughout the years, the show has garnered so much attention that it was the most-watched show across streaming platforms in the year of 2020.

The Office has collected uo to 20 awards from prestigious entities such as The Golden Globes, The Emmys, People’s Choice Awards, The NACCP, and more.

Transporting ourselves to Riyadh, a group of employees in a postal service company go through their day-to-day tasks while hilarious misadventures come in their way. The cast is star studded with names such as Reem Mansour, Marim Abdulrhman Hanaa AlSomali, Fahad Albutair, Saleh Abuamr, Saad Aziz, Nawaf Al Shubaili, Yasin Ghazzaw, and Hashim Hawsawi.

We have absolutely fallen in love with the cast, and their characters. With 20 episodes out, we cannot wait for the next seasons. And apparently so does the rest of the world, as the show has caught international recognition and praise, and has been dubbed as the “Arab version” of The Office.

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for, here are our favorite scenes from Al Maktab:

When a compliment went wrong:

When an important knowledge-sharing session was in place:

When the burger competition did not end so well:

When the management left the office for a day:

When they tried to let go off their negative energy:

When the team locked Nidal in his office:

When an unexpected conversation was heard by accident:

When they wanted to celebrate Hijri new year:

When a photoshoot session went viral:

When paranoia struck, and a conspiracy was brewing:

When a competition tournament was being organized:

Ending it with the most iconic scene of them all:

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