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New Collections At London Fashion Week From Atelier Zuhra And Noon By Noor

Two prominent Arab design houses, Noon By Noor and Atelier Zuhra, debuted their most recent collections during London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2023.

On February 17, 2023, the Bahrani designers Shaikha Noor Al Khalifa and Shaikha Haya Al Khalifa showcased their most recent collection at the Royal College of Physicians in London. The idealistic foundation of their brand is the pursuit of the ideal fusion of East and West. The culture they grew up in and the French cartoonist Francois Berthoud both served as inspiration for this most recent collection, which reflects that same spirit.

The black, grey, and brown tones of the pieces were inspired by Francois' book Fascimile, but Bahrain's art, culture, and natural beauty were what actually advanced the design process.

The collection’s filming took place in the RAK Art Foundation in Bahrain, with "CUSP," a piece of art by Sheikh Rashid, neatly serving as the perfect backdrop. A clear indication of how the collection relies on analogies is provided by depicting the time when the sun and moon shift, West and East, men and women, light and shadow.

Next season's Noon By Noor style is long, slender, and stylish, with coats and skirts that brush the floor and touches of ageless grace. This collection moves between light transparencies and solid, opaque fabrics in a way that makes us think of wardrobes full of menswear that has been borrowed.

Meanwhile, with its most recent collection, "Lily of the Valley," Atelier Zuhra, led by Omani designer Rayan Al Sulaimani, elicited images of fragile beauty and a scent that evoked the first breath of spring.

The stunning dresses and cocktail dresses that appeared on the runway were created using the most luxurious materials and trimmings. Every piece, from opulent lace bodices to delicate tulle skirts, was a representation of the high caliber of Atelier Zuhra's work.

The Atelier Zuhra woman is envisioned by the house as a beauty who exudes mystery and charm and just requires clothing to highlight her already stunning appearance. Anybody wearing this collection will be able to do that thanks to the highly emphasized lily of the valley theme. Each piece is given a touch of elegance and delicacy by sparkling gems, exquisite needlework, and subtle beading.

The jewelry line also includes pieces created in partnership with Renu Oberoi. Oberoi is renowned for its opulent designs that are founded in adaptability and simplicity and frequently employ world-class diamonds and precious gemstones. Each item in this exclusive collection was painstakingly altered to blend in with the hues and patterns of the Atelier Zuhra couture set.

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