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Are You An Aspiring Filmmaker in KSA? Meet The Lodge

As the filmmaking industry in Saudi Arabia flourishes and reaches new heights, more and more initiatives are coming into play to support up and coming filmmakers, screenplay writer, actress, actresses, and other players in the industry.

The Red Sea Lodge will be launching its fourth edition this year in 2023, as a part of the Red Sea Labs.

Filmmakers and producers hailing from Saudi Arabia, and the rest of the Arab and African world are eligible to apply for this 10-month residency program.

The Lodge will basically help all aspiring creatives take their ideas and turn them into reality using rigorous imaginative and expert training facilities. This program is launched every year to enable these local filmmakers to set their path into stone, and finally get to the big screens.

In partnership with Torino Film Lab, The Red Sea Lodge will be selecting various projects and their idea owners in order to go through stellar mentorship, development, and learning opportunities.

As for the details of the programs, it will span across 10 months and will include 6 workshops. The first workshop will be tailored to the Saudi teams that will be chosen, and the others will be for the rest of the nominated projects.

All the workshops will be giving the participants a all-encompassing outline and starting point for the cinematic projects to come to life. Each of the team will be mentored by a Head of Script Development and a Head of Production, in addition to various global experts in the field.

In addition to the aforementioned cinematic specialties, the Red Sea Lodge program will also have a coaching program for Producers. This program will include the artistic aspect of producing but also the niche know-hows required in financing, marketing, and sales.

The amazing thing about this program is that participants will also get the chance to work alongside and be mentored internationally acclaimed connoisseurs in the arenas of cinematography, editing, directing, sound and post-production, sales, and more.

Now the part you’ve all been waiting for, the prize money will be a whopping USD 200,000 and will be shared among the winners.

Applications have opened on the 22nd of December and will go on until the 21st of January 2023. So get to your drawers, dust off then ideas you’ve scribbled on little papers all those years and start making your dream a reality.

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