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BD Barcelona Design Focuses On Gulf Creativity during Dubai Design Week

BD Barcelona Design’s ‘PostCraft’ collection highlights work from four Gulf-based designers and is inspired by the value of local talent and artisanal skills.

Dubai Design Week is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the Arab world’s creative qualities, and that’s exactly what BD Barcelona Design (helped by art and design establishments from the Gulf) is doing with the ‘PostCraft’ collection. The atypical design company, where designs consistently prioritise artisanal processes over mass production, is launching the event at The Odd Piece from 14-28 November. Following the launch at the showroom that offers modern and vintage furniture, the exhibition will tour the GCC, including BD Barcelona Design establishments in Dubai, Jeddah, Kuwait and Bahrain.

With the help of the four talented designers and a focus on aritsinal skills, the ‘PostCraft’ collection merges design and heritage, as well as innovation and tradition. The collaborative exhibition features the work of:

Her Highness Sheikha Hind Majid Al Qassimi from the UAE

H.E.Hind Al Qassimi

Supported by The Odd Piece, the Founder of Designed by Hind has created a collection of vases called “Is-Dher.” To interpret the pre-, during and post-oil eras that have defined the Middle East, she has represented each period with distinct textures like raw and earthy coral, luxurious gold foil façades and glossy metallics.

Bahraini architect Maysam Al Nasser

Maysam Al Nasser

The architect is involved with a piece she crafted for the exhibition called “Cabinet Talisam.” Al Nasser, who is the face behind design studio 1:1, was supported by Alriwaq Art Space and inspired by a Friedrich Nietzche quote to come up with a minimal white contemporary cabinet with elements of the past.

Interior designer Loulwa Al Radwan from Kuwait

Loulwa Al Radwan

Al Radwan, who was backed by the Contemporary Art Platform, founded design studio Interia. She will have her moon-inspired “Lunar Tale” installation on display. With mirrors and brass interlaced and locked into a unique pattern, it’s a formidable piece of work that depicts different phases of the moon.

Jeddah-based architects Abdulrahman and Turki Gazzaz

Abdulrahman and Turki Gazzaz

The Gazzaz Brothers will be presenting “Tawleh.” Inspired by the traditional joinery of the Hejaz region, weaving patterns from Asir and Japanese woodworking techniques, the table brings together different crafts, backgrounds and ideologies. The Athar Gallery supported these young siblings.

Helping to present the contemporary and high quality designs is curator Samer Yamani, a Syrian-Spanish designer based in Barcelona. “’PostCraft’ is an attempt to highlight design talent from this region whilst being presented according to international standards. It will act as a platform to expose the work of artists and designers to an international market, giving them the visibility they deserve,” he says.

Samer Yamani

Arwa Hafiz, Founder and owner of The Odd Piece, says: “The UAE is becoming an active and promising design space for local designers to gain recognition. With this pro-ject, which is enriched in regional artistic character and expression, we hope to present and give international visibility to Sheikha Hind’s art.”

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