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Riyadh Is Hosting The Arabian Horse Festival And Here’s What’s Happening

Jawadi, the Riyadh Purebred Arabian Horse Festival opened earlier this week at the Al-Duhami Equestrian Center in Diriyah governorate, where around 347 breeds of horses are being paraded. Running until 3rd December, the 5 day event has prizes worth $266,000 to be had by competitors attending the festival.

Competitions include the first Saudi Breeders Cup and the Saudi Production Champions Cup, which have been organized by the Arabian Horse Organization and supervised by the King Abdulaziz Center for Purebred Arabian Horses.

The location of the festival echoes traditional Najdi architecture and invites riders, artists and equestrian enthusiasts to partake in and attend competitions, folk dances, workshops, lectures, arts and crafts, as well as sample local and international food, perfumes and more.

Jawadi also features a horse beauty competition that showcases the pedigree of the horses brought by local and international attendees. The horses, as well as their riders are noted for their capability and determination.

The festival is part of Riyadh Season, organized by the General Entertainment Authority and is open from 3pm until midnight.

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