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Here Are The Highlights From The Misk Global Forum

The Misk Global Forum recently recorded a whopping 15,000 people in attendance over two day, which amounted to be the world’s largest youth event. During the MGF22, brilliant minds gathered together to consolidate their drive and ambition to empowering young people in Saudi Arabia and creating an eruptive change.

The number of attendees actually tripled in size this year, all thanks to the hybrid form of the event which prompted even more people to join online from 64 countries

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Theme: Generation Transformation

This year’s theme was under “Generation Transformation” to connote the transformational nature that the country is going through, but also to emphasize how young people are a major driving factor for it.

Amani Al Khiami, who is a senior research manager at Misk, spoke to Arab News about where this year’s theme came from, “‘Generation Transformation’ is the idea and mindset that it is not just one generation that is driving change, it is actually everyone coming together; boomers, generation X, millennials, generation Z, coming together to create meaningful and impactful change.”

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Prominent Figures in Attendance

This year’s attendees topped any year, in our humble opinion, featuring a diverse and international line up. Time magazine’s 2020’s Kid of the Year Gitanjali Rao, who is a Colorado teenager who invented a mobile device to test for lead in drinking water, the award-winning podcaster Jay Shetty, and a professional tennis player ranked second in the world, Ons Jabeur, were just some of the important names.

Tamtam, Saudi singer and songwriter launched the forum as an opening act with a stunning performance. Her style is known to fuse together R&B with Arabic pop, and she made sure to bring that eclectic panache to Misk Global Forum.

In attendance was also universal icons, government minsters, young leaders, entrepreneurs from all walks of life, innovations, next-generation muses, and many more who gathered under one (hypothetical) roof to push forward the discourse of change among young people, which the Kingdom has already been inspiring.

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Meet The Leader

One of the initiatives happening this year was called “Meet The Leader” which was created to the attendees a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet people who have been crafting various forms of ripple effects in their industries and fields.

“‘Meet the Leader’ provides unique conversations with key leaders from our country, but also globally; listen to them and really learn from their wisdom in this generational dialogue,” Alkhiami said in a statement to Arab News.

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Central Insights on Global Education

Obviously in an event of such caliber, global education was one of the most talked about topics. Within young people, education has not only become an added value but a must in order to push and set into action the change they have been advocating for.

One of the speakers at the forum was John Sanei, who is a best-selling author, academic, international keynote speaker and trend forecaster. His approach involves merging various disciplines that include psychology, strategy.

During the forum he tackled the bottlenecks that global education could be facing, and how to be ready for that, “The education system and structure we have is all about efficiency, but tomorrow is about adaptability and creativity. This is what transformation is about.”

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Gen Z vs. Millennials Behavioral Changes

And of course, what is a youth forum if we’re not tackling the never-ending distinctions between the Gen Z and Millennial minds, two crucial parts that make up the youth population?

Jay Shetty took the opportunity to talk about these differences by engaging the conversations into how reality with talent retention and the workplace has changed. He mentions how many research studies indicates that millennials no longer are as engaged as they previously were at the workplace, while on the other hand, Gen Z are changing jobs 134% faster than just two years ago.

He later on tackles the solution on how to fix this issue that could result in major drops in talent retention and quality workforce, he states that “Purpose equals passion plus strength and impact,” while emphasizing that it is still important to do what you love, as simple as it is. “Your purpose is what you love, what you’re exceptionally good and skilled at. Using that to serve and impact other people creates purpose.”

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