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Hi-Tech Submarines Are Making Their Way To The Kingdom

Exciting news for the field of maritime science in the Kingdom.

The King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) established a new promising partnership with "Ocean Aero," a manufacturer of autonomous marine submarines.

According to Arab News, the aims of the partnership is to elevate academia and research in the Red Sea by launching scientific submarines to the Kingdom.

“In response to the UN Ocean Decade and Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, KAUST is further dedicating itself to Red Sea research” said KAUST Director of Core Laboratories and Research Infrastructure, Daniel Acevedo Velez.

He continued to Arab News: “This collaboration is just one of many of our efforts reflecting this goal. We are very excited to have Ocean Aero as partners, as not only their vehicles, but their shared expertise will significantly advance this project.

“We couldn’t be happier to work alongside the oceanographers, researchers, and marine scientists at KAUST.

 By providing a platform to reach deeper into data collection in the Red Sea than ever before, we’re able to do more science for less resources in a safe, consistent, and reliable way” said Kevin Decker, CEO of Ocean Aero.

The expert is also a board member of multiple organizations including the Social Development Bank, Saudi Real Estate Development Fund, Agricultural Development Fund, and the Public Pension Agency.

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