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This Starbucks In Saudi Arabia Is Run Solely By Women

A Saudi Arabia Starbucks franchise has just opened as an all-female operated drive thru service. Situated in the Kingdom’s Eastern Province at Coast Road, the store marks a major milestone for the kingdom. The Starbucks is a drive-thru only café and will be fully operated by an all-female staff, who will be managing everything from customer service, daily administration, store operations and making the coffee that the infamous brand name is known for.

With this move, Starbucks is proving its commitment to create more jobs for Saudi women, and helping the kingdom achieve goals within the Vision 2030 agenda. One of the key goals of Vision 2030 is for the country to employ more women into the workforce, and increase it from 22% to 30% (at least).

At present, Starbucks in Saudi Arabia has a female work force of 20%, and hopes to increase that to 30% by the end of this year. To do this, the brand is working on launching more Saudi female operated drive-thrus across the kingdom and with the opening of its very first one, it is a lesser known fact that this year marks the “year of Saudi Coffee.”

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