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3 Saudi Models to Keep on Your Style Radar

Over the last few years, Saudi Arabia has been leaving its mark on the world of style and fashion, with its designers making a name for themselves on the global stage and its homegrown industry witnessing a rise in models and style influencers. Indeed, Saudi models are slowly but surely taking their rightful place, their faces gracing the cover of magazines and their unique styles making it onto the runways, such as these rising stars:

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Amira Al Zuhair

Amira Al Zuhair is a fashion model who is proud of representing Saudi heritage which, since childhood, has served as a sentimental connection to her late father. After obtaining her Bachelor of Science in Paris, she began venturing into the fashion industry as a model. Currently, she is represented by the Elite Modeling Agency Network, and she also maintains a social media presence. Via Instagram, for instance, she occasionally shares updates on her photoshoots, as well as featuring products from reputable fashion brands.

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Shahad Salman

Shahad Salman is proving that dreams do come true by breaking down stereotypes in the Saudi fashion industry. As a fashion model and influencer, this native of Mecca is well-known for her message of self-love and living life as one's true self. Having been inspired by Winnie Harlow, Salman had gained experience as a model throughout her early years and, even despite having vitiligo, she has been celebrated and featured on major publications and billboards.

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Taleedah Tamer

Taleedah Tamer is the first Saudi model to walk at the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, as well as being featured in international magazines. Growing up as a child with talented parents, she had her first experience modeling at the age of 10, and would go on to pursue a career in the fashion industry. In 2018, she modeled for Korloff, and then Rubaiyat, and Bazaar. This was around the same point in time when she took her first walk at the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. Currently, Tamer is also a fashion influencer on Instagram, with Zineta Blank managing her account.

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