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This Women’s Only Wellness Retreat Aims To Revitalise Mind, Body And Soul

The limited space seven-day retreat is all about restoring physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance…

There’s nothing quite like an elevated wellness and spiritual retreat to reset and recharge your mind, body and soul. For those looking for such a revitalising experience, Vie Retreats have planned one in Chamonix, one of the world’s most idyllic mountainside destinations in south-west France. Taking place from 6-12 June, it offers a combination of interconnected philosophies including Hypnotherapy, Feng-Shui and Qi Gong, and gives guests an opportunity to reconnect with themselves and others to ultimately achieve harmony from within. The retreat is also set to leave guests with precious memories and a new outlook on life to inspire daily moments of happiness.

With limited spaces for 10 women only, the trip will offer guests a truly uplifting experience. With a focus on privacy and personalisation, the journey towards inner-peace and self-discovery is being hosted in a traditional mountain chalet, the epitome of understated luxury. One of Argentiere’s most exclusive and luxurious properties, the chalet is nestled in the lush mountain valley at the foot of Europe’s highest peak, Mont Blanc. Just a stone’s throw from Chamonix downtown, the quaint European-style chalet and those surrounding it are designed in the traditional Alpine style, offering the perfect cosy enclave to unwind and savour moments of tranquility.

An expanse of pine-forest, winding mountain trails and rolling green mountains encompass the chalet. And the idyllic Alpine setting, dotted with wildlife, makes for an inherently healing landscape, giving off an invigorating pulse to equally awe and soothe.

Guests on the retreat will experience daily group and individual sessions with trained wellness experts in Hypnotherapy, Feng-Shui, Qi Gong and more. Joyce Youhanna, the Founder of Vie Retreats, will lead the therapy sessions. The Dubai-based experienced wellness practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist will head the thought-provoking sittings around topics related to relationships and spiritual healing.

Additionally, Lara Klait, a highly commended and qualified practitioner with over 17 years of experience, will direct the Feng-Shui experiences. Meanwhile, Winnie Chang, a qualified Yoga and Qi Gong master, will run an awe-inspiring mountain-top experience in Qi Gong. The practice typically involves moving meditation, coordinating slow-flowing movement, deep rhythmic breathing and a calm meditative state of mind.

Other experiences on the itinerary include sessions commanded by Spiritual Sarthi, Neerja Handa. The award-winning clinical hypnotherapy teacher, soul group constellation therapist and transpersonal regression therapist will guide guests through spiritual healing sessions. The Tasso Institute-certified Handa will address the chakras, inner child healing, dealing with grief and tarot card reading.

Various hikes and strolls to breathtaking local viewpoints such as Glacier des Bossons will complement the beneficial sessions. Plus, there will be delectable picnics and excursions on the Aiguille du Midi cable car. Perched 3,842 metres above sea level, the attraction and its viewing platforms offer panoramic vistas of Mont Blanc and the French, Swiss and Italian Alps. Through such shared social experiences, guests will have the opportunity to explore and unlock the transformative power of human connection.

In addition, the itinerary will boast world-class dining experiences with bespoke menus developed by Head Chef Niels Van Oers. The decorated and acclaimed hospitality pro has had over 15 years’ experience working in the world’s most prestigious restaurants in Europe and the Middle East. These include Burj Al Arab, Adare Manor and Jumeirah at Etihad Towers. Drawing inspiration from a variety of international cuisines and using fresh and locally sourced ingredients, Van Oers has curated menus for guests on the retreat to satiate discerning palates and promote wellbeing from within.

The retreat package includes two dining experiences per day including daily breakfasts, an afternoon tea and dinner from the comfort of the chalet. Other meals will be taken either on-the-go during hikes or from the vibrant cafes and restaurants in the neighbouring locality.

Vie Retreats is a unique holistic wellness concept from the Middle East promoting internal harmony and self-discovery. Hypnotherapy and other ancient philosophies are interwoven with the purpose of adding meaning to life by striving to understand it, accept it and eventually control its flow. With their life-changing experiences for small groups of 10-14 guests, Vie Retreats offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences to improve the inner-self and achieve greater mental clarity and focus.

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