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Nouf Al-Meer’s Nod To A Noble Arabian Legend

Jewellery designer Nouf Al-Meer pays homage to the Arabian horse in her new collection

Qatari designer Nouf Al-Meer, known for her avant-garde, unique and wearable jewellery, adds the “Pride” collection to her eponymous label, Nouf Jewellery. Blending western fashion and the fundamentals of Oriental tradition, like her other work, it is set to launch during the 14th Doha Jewellery and Watches exhibition, taking place from 20-25 February.

Can you describe your design style in your own words?
My design style is eccentric, but with a positive message. It is a combination of femininity vs. masculinity, soft and bold at the same time.

Nature, people from all walks of life and a national pride have served as inspiration for you. What has inspired your new collection?
The inspiration behind the “Pride” collection comes from my love of horses and the symbol the horse has in my culture. 

Can you tell us a bit about the theme behind the collection and what it means to you?
The theme is the Arabian horse, and I specifically created the shape of the Arabian horse because it is known as the most beautiful. To me, the horse portrays many positive qualities I have always admired, such as strength, beauty, power and pride.

What’s the most meaningful piece of jewellery you own?
The most meaningful piece and the closest to my heart is a beautiful vintage ring that belonged to my late grandmother (may god rest her soul) and it reminds me of her every time I wear it.


What’s your biggest jewellery pet peeve?
It’s dirty jewellery, jewellery that hasn’t been cleaned or polished for a long time. I always clean my jewelry my self.

Can you give us a jewellery style tip?
I love layering jewellery, I mix so many pieces and brands together in a very specific way. I layer necklaces, bracelets, rings… and even chokers.


Lots of creative people have peculiar work habits. What about you?
Every time I want to design something new, I have to go out and watch people and that gives me inspiration as I sit, have my coffee and sketch.

You’re taking part in the Doha Jewelry & Watches Exhibition. Which other exhibit do you dream of participating in?
I love participating in the Doha Jewelry & Watches Exhibition because it’s where I started, but I also participated in Bahrain’s jewellery show and that was a success as well. I'm hoping and looking forward to participating in the Basel jewellery exhibition.

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