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The Responsible Haute Lipstick Line La Bouche Rouge Lands In The Middle East

A swipe of a plush bold and bright lipstick, but make it eco-friendly….

The beauty industry is the third most pollutant in terms of plastic, but thankfully there are some amazing ethical brands tackling waste production head on. For beauty lovers who love a dose of luxury yet care deeply about the planet, La bouche rouge, Paris, has finally landed in the Middle East, offering one more way to help the environment. The first high-end French clean beauty brand, which has a cult following amongst celebrities and influencers, has launched its microplastic-free make-up line in the region. The collection by the label that’s guiding women to consume differently and think in a new manner is created with natural formulas, all in sustainably designed, well-crafted refillable and recyclable cases.

“La bouche rouge stands for "red lips" in French but also for having a voice, striking a message,” Nicolas Gerlier, La bouche rouge’s CEO and founder, said. “We have created a seventh continent of plastic in 100 years only. Eighty-three percent of water on the planet is contaminated by microplastic. Since 1950, only nine percent of the world’s plastic waste has been recycled, 12 percent has been incinerated. Thus 80 percent has been released into nature. So it’s time to avoid plastic at the maximum in our daily life.”

 Nicolas Gerlier

Gerlier has worked in the beauty industry for over 10 years and saw it gradually evolving, transforming and fluctuating. After becoming convinced today’s generation cannot continue to think, produce and consume like before, he decided to launch the chic Parisian beauty brand that has collaborated with the likes of Elsa Hosk, celebrity make-up artist Harold James and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

La bouche rouge’s clean, sensorial make-up formulas come encased in luxurious, fine leather cases, which embody craftsmanship, sustainability and beauty with purpose. Tucked inside an elegant box, its make-up collection makes for the perfect present for yourself or someone you love. You can engrave the upcycled fine leather cases with your initials for a unique, personalised touch.

Did you know?
For each lipstick sold, La bouche rouge donates the equivalent of 100 litres of drinkable water to the Eau Vive Internationale association, supporting a programme dedicated to children in the Kemerida region in Togo. 

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