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Spotify Reveals Saudi Arabia’s Most Streamed Song & Artist Of 2021

Starts with a B and ends with an S – can you guess?

It has become a viral trend on Instagram to share a story of your most listened to podcasts, artists and songs on streaming platform Spotify – and though you can check out your own as you use the app, the app has just revealed the top artists, songs, playlists and podcasts genres most enjoyed in Saudi Arabia for 2021.

It seems that K-pop remains a pretty big deal in the kingdom and on a global scale as the most streamed artist of the year has been BTS, whilst the most streamed song of the year was “Astronaut In The Ocean” by Masked Wolf.

Aside from international music genres, from K-pop to hip-hop, there is a more traditional genre that’s become increasingly popular in Saudi Arabia.

Topping the list for the most streamed playlist, has been a genre called Sheilat, with infamous Sheilat singer Abdullah Alfarwan being the most -streamed Saudi artist in Saudi Arabia. He also made the list for the most streamed songs in the top 10 list with “Leh El-Jafa'' at second place and “Wesh Ozark” coming in at the number 9 spot.

“Best Sheilat” is the most popular Spotify playlist amongst listeners in Saudi Arabia, followed by “Top Khaliji Songs” and “Top Gaming Tracks.”

Interestingly, it is British artist, Dua Lipa’s “Future Nostalgia” that is the kingdom’s most streamed album. On the topic of podcasts and categories, Saudi Arabia’s most popular genres include, “Music,” "Society and Culture" and “Comedy” which came in third place on the most popular podcast genre list. 

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