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Saudi Women Chart New Waters & Inspire Generations

Our Saudi heroes!

Whether taking deep dives or swimming across distant waters, more and more women in Saudi Arabia are leaving their mark in their chosen fields and professions, inspiring generations across the region. Today, we take a look at some inspiring figures making waves with their accomplishments:

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Dr. Mariam Saleh Binladen

Dr. Mariam Binladen is a certified swimmer who devotes her time to humanitarian work. In 2015, she realized that not many people were aware of the dire situation in Syria, which became her first step to bringing awareness to the public. This included becoming the first woman to swim across the 24-km Dubai Canal in 2017, successfully raising funds for Syrian refugees. This came a year after successfully becoming the first woman from the Gulf region to swim across both the River Thames and the English Channel in Britain.

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Dr. Mariam Hamed Fardous

Dr. Mariam Fardous is a humanitarian, doctor, and the first woman in the Kingdom to attempt scuba diving at the time when the activity was considered only for men. In fact, in 2015, she was the first woman from the region to take a deep dive in the Arctic Ocean, and one of the first three women to dive at the North Pole in 2016.

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Mariam Shalan

Recognized as the Kingdom's youngest free diver at the time, Mariam Shalan made headlines when taking part at the 2018 World Cup. Just at the age of 17, she left her mark by becoming the Freediving Egyptian National Record Holder CWT 50m (bi-fins), as well as a two-time national record holder. Not only that; she was said to be able to hold her breath for up to 30 seconds, and diving up to 43 meters into the sea. Indeed, it is easy to see how Shalan became an icon to young Saudi girls taking up free diving.

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Nouf Alosaimi

Nouf Alosaimi is a certified scuba diver and brand ambassador at PADI. Having earned her undergraduate degree in Tourism Management, in 2008, she got her first start by signing up at PADI at Sharm El Sheikh, in Egypt. For over two years, she kept up with her training between Sharm El Sheikh and Jeddah, and successfully completed her courses. Since 2013, she has been working as instructor to future divers at PADI.

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