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Saudi Digital Library Opens Access To Databases

An open information flow is key to spread knowledge in a transparent way!

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Education announced is opening access for a week of 12 databases in the Saudi Digital Library.

On the occasion of Saudi National Day coming up on September 23, this initiative is also in cooperation with local, regional and global foreign publishing houses.

People can access the portal via the library’s website.

Universities and government benefit from this informational outlets because it has helped in reducing financial burden and has provided top notch journals for recurrent research projects.

The library boasts 169 international and Arab databases covering various academic disciplines, including 450,000 digital books, 60,000 scientific journals, and 9 million papers of research and conference papers.

According to Arab News, the Library also houses  5,224,410 university theses, 3,061,669 scientific reports, 7 million multimedia materials that include scientific images and films in various disciplines, and more than 12 million scientific materials in the information assets owned by the library.

Throughout the years, it has been reported that 1.6 million students and postgraduate researchers, 71,000 faculty members and other entities have benefited from library services.

So let’s keep growing this number!

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