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Meet These Saudi Changemakers in Law & Justice

These Saudi female trailblazers amplify the Kingdom's values

Since the founding of modern Saudi Arabia, the Consultative Assembly, also known as the Shura Council, has played a vital role in maintaining law and order across the Kingdom and, in 2013, it made headlines by giving female members the honor to be part of it. Since then, more and more Saudi women are leaving their mark in various fields of law and justice, so it's quite essential to get to know them. Here are the four trailblazers worth your attention.

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Shaimaa Sadeq Al-Jibran

In 2016, Shaimaa Al-Jibran made history by becoming the Kingdom's first female commercial judge. Her appointment came as a recommendation by the office of lawyer and legal adviser, Bakharji, with the Kingdom's Administrative Appeals Court soon approving her position. As commercial judge, Al-Jibran is responsible for hearing cases from citizens with professional or business backgrounds.

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Bayan Mahmoud Al-Zahran

In 2013, Bayan Al-Zahran made history by becoming the Kingdom's first trainee woman lawyer, and then first female attorney. This came within the same year as the Shura Council welcomed its first female members. Al-Zahran was also credited for the founding of the Kingdom's first all-female law firm, with the aim to help represent female clients in court.

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Tala Al-Jahlan

Tala Al-Jahlan has an impressive lengthy experience in legal affairs. Having pursued a law degree, from 2010, she began her career as an internship trainee at Al-Sulaim Al-Awaji and Partners Law Firm, and would later fill the role of senior legal adviser. From October 2019, she also served at the G20 Saudi Secretariat as a senior legal adviser and, by the following year, she was promoted to her current position as senior executive of legal affairs. Till date, Al-Jahlan has helped handle legal affairs of Saudi and international clients from corporate backgrounds

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Hanan Al-Ahmadi

Following the historic milestone of allowing women to take part, the Kingdom's Shura Council proudly named Hanan Al-Ahmadi as its first woman to chair a session. Also serving as Assistant President of the Shoura Council, her appointment was considered a landmark that was in line with Vision 2030, which also aims to empower women in both private and public sectors with more opportunities. In addition, Al-Ahmadi has worked on recommendations such as the alimony fund for women and their children, the establishment of an executive body handling domestic violence cases, and many more.

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