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Dubai Fashion Expedition: The Fashion Event to Watch Out For

If you have a passion for fashion, save the date from now!

Organisers of The Dubai Fashion Expedition are on a mission to make it the Middle Eastern region’s most impressive fashion event of 2018. Taking place at the Dubai Marina Yacht Club, a leading private yacht club in the area, the elite extravaganza will showcase 15 emerging international designers. The up-and-coming fashion talents and innovative minds will focus on impressing the Middle East’s weighty and affluent residents, from top business executives to diplomats and socialites.

Ahmed Abdelhalim, Operations Manager, Dubai Marina Yacht Club

Dubai Marina Yacht Club Team

The three-day event, which kicks off on 25 January, is open to all professional designers, including homegrown stars, who are looking for a way to reach out to a prominent audience in the region. Philip Sather, Administration Manager of the Dubai Marina, said: “The Dubai Fashion Expedition will be the very first fashion event in the region that will be held in Marina Bay area set in the posh district of Dubai Marina with its illuminating skyscrapers and vibrant scene as a backdrop. This event will be a spectacular showcase of fashion, artistry and luxury, all in one event and a true visual journey.”

Philip Sather

 “Bringing luxury, travel and fashion in one event is our main objective,” Eve Pall, Marketing Director of Dubai Fashion Expedition, said.The Dubai Fashion Expedition aims to break boundaries on luxury fashion and serve as a platform to showcase artistic excellence for all designers to target the region’s most discerning market.”

Dubai Marina Yacht-Club

More details about the event will be announced during an inaugural party in September.

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