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Katy Perry’s Dedicates Shoe Collection To Egyptian History

For those that are unfamiliar, US pop star, Katy Perry actually has her own fashion label called, Katy Perry Collections, and has just launched a collection of shoes inspired by ancient Egypt.

The singer-songwriter’s shoe line features summer styles in black and gold with Egyptian pyramids and the ankh – an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol used in writing and art to represent the word for “life.”

Taking to Instagram to share images of her shoe styles with her 130 million followers, she captioned a post, “Sometimes my real life experiences inspire,” indicating that the trip she took to Egypt in 2019 to celebrate her 35th birthday with her husband Orlando Bloom, inspired her designs.

Upon their visit to Egypt, the celebrity couple toured the iconic landmarks and historical sites including, Luxor, Aswan and Siwa Oasis, and dined for Perry’s birthday at a temple in Edfu, which is a city located to the west of the Nile River.

Katy Perry also posted images of herself riding a camel against the backdrop of the pyramids of Giza to announce the launch of her shoe line, and it was in April 2021 that she first released a line of high heels and flat shoes in black, orange and gold featuring the Eye of Horus, which is another ancient Egyptian symbol that denotes healing, protection and well-being. 

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