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Cady Elredy: Acupuncturist and Texas' First Hijab-wearing Model

A single mother, acupuncturist, and model, Cady Elredy does it all! An Egypt American currently based in Dallas, Texas with years of experience in both healthcare and modeling, Elredy is making headlines lately for becoming Texas' first hijabi model.


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Although a respectable acupuncturist, Elredy would find herself trying out new things outside her field of expertise. Noticing how graceful she was, strangers often advised her to try her hands on modeling. She didn't take it seriously at first but, with encouragement from her ex-husband, that's exactly what she did! After a handful of attempts in Chicago, she finally got her big break at Kim Dawson Agency in Dallas, Texas. In fact, this made her the first hijab-wearing woman to work for a Texas-based modeling agency. She continues to wear it during her photoshoots, and has even worked with some hijabi colleagues on set. 


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When Elredy isn’t on shoots or inspiring others through her Instagram account, she continues her work as a licensed acupuncturist, offering the benefits of this traditional medicine that involves inserting tiny needles through the skin as a form of pain relief, presently one of several types of medications being applied in modern hospitals. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Elredy held previous positions involving acupuncture at Meridian Peak Acupuncture, Five Point Holistic Health, and Aligned Modern Health. 


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She also works as a patient care technician at Dallas’ Parkland Hospital, having previously worked as a patient aide at the COVID tactical care unit. In fact, she has over five years of work experience with various medical centers, starting off her career in February 2016 at HCA Healthcare. She holds a degree in Pre-Medicine/Pre-Medical Studies at Dallas College Brookhaven Campus, and a master's degree in Medicine and Oriental Science at Texas Health and Science University.  

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