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7 Instagram Pages That Will Make Your Day

Instagram feels often like a flood of bad news and unreachable life standards. Here are some accounts we love that keep it chill, artsy, and wholesome. Let us know which account brightens up your day.

1- @Mignonettetakespictures

Two words: cute animals.

2- @Apartmenttherapy

Aesthetically pleasing interiors? Yes please.

3- @Subwayhands

Find tenderness in the hands of daily commuters

4- @Cinemamonamourpage

Your daily dose of good film content.

5- @Tikatheiggy

Because where else would we get our fashion inspo?

6- @Yehiamoldan

A more codified but beautiful take on Arabic calligraphy.

7- @Trashy_files

Arabic pop culture throwbacks. Need we say more? 

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