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This Saudi Marketplace Brings Regional Art To The World

Al Bon is the new digital marketplace that allows people from all over the world to discover carefully curated creations handmade by creatives in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Arab world. The site highlights the history and techniques of hidden regional gems, and design enthusiasts have access to a variety of handicrafts from furniture, artwork, and tabletops to lighting, fashion pieces, and gifts made by local artisans.

In a statement about the launch of the innovative new site, the founders stated, “Al Bon was created to help preserve Arab craftsmanship and highlight the diverse talent in our community. By bringing attention to the region’s craft traditions and heritage, our goal is that the Al Bon marketplace will make it easier for customers to find these independent brands and to discover the stories behind each artist and designer. We hand select every piece with the hope that shoppers enjoy not only the beauty of each item but also discover something new about this enchanting part of the world.”

Some of the creatives whose works are available on the Al Bon site, include Saudi artist Noura Bouzo, who creates miniature paintings from historical manuscripts on ceramic plates and hand-painted wood trays from 14th-century 8-point star mosque tiles, and Faisal AlKheriji, a self-taught painter who combines Cubism and Surrealism with ever-present touches of Saudi culture.

The words “Al Bon” mean “the gap between two objects” in Arabic, and is a phrase used worldwide to refer to excellence and perfection. The design platform not only showcases Arab heritage and cultural arts, but is one that also looks to preserve local heritage and help Arab businesses, families, and nonprofit organizations to thrive in their immediate communities as well as global markets. The e-commerce platform hand selects artisans from the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Morocco, and Syria, with more being added every day. 

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