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Prismologie: A Skin Care Range with a Wellbeing Factor

Sheikha Fatima and Intisar

As well as effectively hydrating, nourishing and restoring skin exposed to extreme weather like we have in the GCC, Prismologie products have the power to boost our mood via colour therapy and gemology.

Prismologie’s wide range of natural, ethically sourced and scientifically researched products not only improve the look and feel of your skin, they can actively enhance your mood due to their colours, bespoke blend of gemstones and fragrances. The six distinctive hues have been chosen for the way they affect your mood. Plus, each product from the beauty line contains gemstones with wellbeing properties as well as enriching fragrances. So if you’re feeling a bit stressed, all you need to do is reach for the soothing effects of the Pink O’Clock Hand and Cuticle Cream due to the comfort provided by Rose Quartz, Rose and the colour pink. Or, for a burst of confidence before a presentation, try The Red Hour Dry Body Oil with Cedarwood and Ruby, which makes you feel vigorous with its warm scent.

We talk to Prismologie Co-Founders Sheikha Intisar Al-Sabah and Sheikha Fatima Al-Sabah about the luxury skin care range that is now available in the UAE. Read on to see how the Kuwaiti duo is seeking to change the face of the beauty industry. 

Can you tell us how colour, fragrance and gemstones work together to enhance our mood?
Prismologie started because we had a shared goal of helping people by providing them with tools they can use daily to empower themselves and enhance their lives. We used to organise workshops in Kuwait to bring international teachers who taught courses about wellbeing and personal development and one of the courses was colour therapy. Colours transformed our lives and we wanted to share that experience with others. People react to colours naturally and intuitively without having to think twice, that is because we interact with colours daily, whether through the clothes we wear, the views we enjoy or the food we eat. Everything we see is coloured, so why not use that power actively to change the way you feel, your moods or emotions and to embrace a new and improved state of mind? So we decided to create a body care line that translates the effects of colours into products that we use daily. We infused the formulations with gemstones because they enhance and amplify the colour experience.
Each product from our natural beauty range contains gemstones chosen for their wellbeing properties apart from the colour it reflects.  So we selected six distinctive hues, each chosen for its shade and unique properties, which attributes to various moods. Each range contains a gemstone to capture its wellbeing properties and fragrances that transform your mood.

It’s an exciting beauty concept. How do you think Prismologie is changing the face of the beauty industry?
We feel there is a definite shift in the way the beauty industry is working. As we are all living much more stressful lives than we used to, there has been a realisation that everything we do has to have a wellbeing factor. Enhancing the look and feel of your skin can become a deeper experience when it is uplifting your mood and contributing towards achieving a better state of mind. We started Prismologie because we wanted exactly that, to infuse our daily rituals of caring for our skin with added emotional and mental wellbeing elements. And the power of colour is quite often overlooked because it is very obvious, so why not use the obvious?

There’s a wide range of products, from shower gels to massage candles. Tell us about some of your favourites.
This usually depends on how we’re feeling and what we need on that day. Sometimes, we find ourselves reaching for the green bath oil when we feel the need for some balance and centre in our lives; but when we’re feeling a bit sluggish we opt for red to give us that extra push of power and energy. For the days when we feel a bit stressed, we use our three-second rule and it always works, almost instantly! All you have to do is apply some of our Rose hand cream, and let the calming and soothing fragrance and the comforting effects of Rose Quartz work their magic, and then we can go back to whatever we were doing. This always works like a charm!

Are all the products natural?
Our philosophy for Prismologie is Natural. Ethical. Joyful. The products are natural because we believe in natural products, and we find our bodies are healthier and brighter when they don't have to fight even more dangerous chemicals on our skin.

They are ethical because we do not believe that the land, or animals should suffer for our wellbeing. Therefore, we made sure all our products are NOT tested on animals and all our packaging is recyclable or reusable. Plus, all our cardboard is certified by the FSC and the World Land Trust, which makes sure those natural habitats around the world are preserved and not destroyed for paper production. 

Additionally, our products are joyful because taking care of our bodies and minds is directly linked, and we want to make sure that taking care of our skin will make our minds and emotions feel better. We live very stressful lives as it is, and we want to make sure that we always take the time to care for our wellbeing, having a small experience of joy while applying a cream and feeling the relief. The fact you can take a three-second break from your daily stresses to feel better is very important. Each of our products contains ingredients that not only nourish and enrich the skin but we also have ingredients like Arctic Rose that actually increase endorphins in the skin to make the skin and mood happier. Each one of our products also contains precious gemstones that improve the mood with their wellbeing qualities. 

Why do you think women living in the Middle East would benefit from them?
Prismologie is meant to benefit women (and men) living in any part of the world because we can all reap the benefits offered by colours and gemstones.

Women in the Middle East or the Gulf region will appreciate Prismologie more so because of the superior actives present in our products that generously hydrate, nourish and restore skin that has been exposed to extreme climates, harsh weather and dry atmosphere. Plus let’s not forget that for women, wearing black is a big part of the culture in the Middle East, and Prismologie allows them to add colour to their lives without actually having to wear it conspicuously.

Are the products suitable for all women?
Yes, not just women, but all our products are suitable to men too!

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