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This Book Will Help Feed Your Passion To Influence Those Around You

An instinct to lead is the superpower women should embrace, nurture and use for powerful, positive outcomes, according to Pegine Echevarria, one of the renowned authors.

A consortium of talented, powerful women have penned an empowering new book, “Called to Lead: Success Strategies for Women.” In the book they share their stories, techniques, tips and strategies with the aim of inspiring women everywhere to lead with passion and purpose.

The women have flourished in their respective fields while enjoying exciting personal lives and each one highlights her unique strengths and experiences to deliver relevant, useful tactics. The thoughtful, uplifting chapters from each contributing author are crafted to help other women grow and thrive while balancing family, relationships and self-care.

The authors include Pegine Echevarria, the Power Women Worldwide founder and only Latina in the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame, and Mindy Gibbins-Klein, a multi-award-winning international speaker, thought leadership strategist, book coach and publisher. Diana Watson, a bilingual professional presenter and author, and Cindy Tschosik, a certified ghostwriter, professional speaker and mental wellness advocate, are two other noteworthy authors. And they are joined by 14 other influential thought leaders from diverse backgrounds.

“You are a leader,” Pegine, the founder and leader of multi-million-dollar businesses and a sought-after speaker and presenter, says. “Embrace your gift. Invest in yourself and your leadership skills. The world wants and needs women who lead. Be bold. Be brave. Be seen. Be heard. Be paid well. Be you.”

Some of the timely topics the women explore effectively and concisely in the inspiring book are Leading Unexpectedly in a Crisis, Mental Wellness, Cross-Cultural Leadership and Be the Trigger for the Change. “Called to Lead” is organised into five sections, each comprised of several chapters. The Power of Being Called to Lead, the first section, is followed by The Power of Self-Mastery in Leadership and then The Power of Influential Leadership. Meanwhile, the last two chapters in the book are entitled The Power of Emotions and The Mind in Leadership and The Power of Leadership Love. 

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