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3 Public Libraries in Saudi Arabia To Spend The Day In

The perfect way to escape the summer heat!

Humid by the sea, dry inland, and hot, hot, hot all around, the fierier part of summer is underway in Saudi Arabia, with just a few people still venturing outside in the middle of the day to catch some of those rays. For the rest of us who’d rather be indoors and enjoy something new and cool to do, here’s an idea, you’re in luck! The Kingdom is home to some great libraries that are perfect to spend the day in, such as these three public libraries you should definitely visit this summer.

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King Abdul Aziz Public Library (KAPL)

King Abdul Aziz Public Library (KAPL) is among the top landmarks in the Saudi capital, and a great destination for booklovers. KAPL is home to some rare books such as "Travels in Arabia Deserta" by Charles M. Doughty, as well as a number of prints related to KAPL Publishers, the library’s self-publishing service. There are also programs for children, and sections for both men and women.

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King Fahd National Library (KFNL)

King Fahd National Library (KFNL) is another great library in Riyadh you should consider visiting, and perhaps one of the oldest in the Saudi capital. Among the core services offered include publishing bibliographies of Saudi intellectual properties from books, periodicals, and translations for UNESCO and other institutions via the Saudi ministry of education. In addition, KFNL is a legal deposit and copyright library for the Kingdom and takes pride in safeguarding manuscripts describing the kingdom’s past and present.

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The Central Library, Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University (PNU)

Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University (PNU) is among the top institutions in Saudi Arabia, its roster of female graduates and alumni an impressive one. Its central library is an additional outlet for knowledge providing PNU’s students with traditional, scientific, research, knowledge, cultural and electronic services in and outside the university. In addition, the university campus is renowned for its impressive interior that definitely make student visits to the library inviting.

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