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Meet The Amazing Female Engineer at the Saudi Space Commission

The sky is the limit for Norah Al Tuwaim!

Norah Al Tuwaim. Image via Arab News.

Norah Al-Tuwaim is a Saudi female leader in the field of satellite engineering. According to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the expert was first the head of the optics team at the National Satellite Technology Center of King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), and a member of the team that developed the SaudiSat 5A/5B satellites.

Tuwaim kickstarted her career in 2012 with a cooperative training program at the National Satellite Technology Center in Prince Sultan University.

A first class honors grad, Al-Tuwaim, continued her journey in the center and tapped into SaudiSat 5A/5B project. Her work improved national capabilities first hand, which led to land a scholarship for higher education in the US in 2015, where she pursued a master’s degree at Northwestern University’s McCormick School of Engineering.

Tuwaim then climbed up the ladder and became an enterprise architect in many departments such as Strategy and Planning Division, information, communications. The Saudi female trailblazer also got her hand in the technology sector, where she worked at solutions by STC, a prominent IT service provider in Saudi Arabia.

She recently joined the Saudi Space Commission as part of the strategic planning department.

Al-Tuwaim said: “The Kingdom spared no efforts in supporting its citizens. It also boosted this support with the launching of the Vision 2030, which focused on shedding light on Saudi women and empowering them in all fields such as the labor market and particularly in the field of education that represents the foundation of the nation’s renaissance.”

“It has prepared work environments for the entry of women in all fields and positions, providing them with limitless ambitions and empowering them by raising their awareness regarding their legal and civil rights,” she added to the SPA.

In a message to the nation’s young women, Al-Tuwaim said: “You are the shapers of the future and are capable of preserving the nation and its gains. Knowledge and sincere work are the best things we can present in light of our constant quest to return the favor to the homeland. This is done through the achievement of the ultimate goal of advancing our society.” 

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