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This Clean Beauty Brand Has Everything You Need For A Summer Glow

Clean beauty brand, Codex Beauty Labs is changing the face of beauty with their microbiome driven skincare products. The Silicon-Valley plant-based biotech beauty brand emphasizes the importance of building and maintaining a healthy and thriving skin barrier for nourished and glowing skin.  

The skin’s microbiome, sometimes called the “skin flora” or “acid mantle,” comprises colonies of living microbes, also known as microorganisms/microbiota that contain invisible bacteria, fungi, and viruses most of which are harmless and beneficial for healthy skin. It is a crucial component of the skin barrier, which acts as the first line of defense to protect against harmful germs, infections, and external influences. Imperative in a world trying to stay germ free!

Skin barrier-focused skincare means nourishing the acid mantle and supporting microbiome diversity through the use of ingredients that help support the microbiome. The products specialize in reinforcing the skin barrier’s physical layer by minimizing oxidative stress and helping to reduce inflammation. By improving skin barrier health, Codex Beauty Labs products reduce trans epidermal water loss thereby helping skin retain its moisture so that it looks and feels soft and supple.

  Dr. Barbara Paldus, CEO & Founder of Codex Beauty Labs, says, “Our patent-pending AntüComplex is focused on skin barrier protection and reduction of oxidative stress from mechanical stress (masks), pollution or UV exposure. These factors are a key root cause for skin irritation and acne, including mask-ne as we have recently seen.”

Codex Beauty Labs’ advocates a less is more beauty regime that is gentle, supportive and simple. Their latest Antücomplex is made from three Patagonian plants, Matico, Maqui, Murtilla and hydrolized hyaluronic acid, to soothe irritation and reduce inflammation.  

Both the Antü Brightening Moisturizer and Antü Brightening Night Cream restore the skin barrier and help defend against exposure to airborne particulate matter pollutants. They brighten and re-densify your skin to give it a fresh, vibrant and glowing appearance.

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