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Herrera Beauty Launches Across The Middle East

Herrera Beauty's luxury label, Carolina Herrera’s compelling and fully customizable line of ready-to-wear makeup, has now been made available exclusively at select Sephora stores and online across the UAE, KSA, Kuwait and Qatar. For the first time ever, the Herrera Beauty lipsticks, face compacts, Lip Liquid and Mini Tint will be available to shop online and in-store.

The beauty division of the luxury brand is unique and worth having as it blurs the line between beauty and jewelry; this sophisticated collection wasn’t just designed to be worn, it was designed to be flaunted – unapologetically. Developed by Beauty Creative Director Carolina A. Herrera in close collaboration with Carolina Herrera Creative Director Wes Gordon, and Carolina Herrera Makeup Consultant Lauren Parsons, the brand’s first makeup line is a completely new and disruptive way of thinking about beauty.

In a statement about the debut beauty collection, beauty creative director, Carolina A. Herrera said, “Traditionally, makeup is something that you keep out of sight whether on your bathroom shelf or in your vanity pouch. But it’s such a personal form of expression, why shouldn’t you wear it? Literally! We wanted to give women an opportunity to wear their make-up like a piece of fabulous jewelry.”

Herrera Beauty prides itself on the notion that there are NO rules when it comes to beauty. The collection has been designed to be used as “the ultimate form of self-expression,” as it embodies Carolina Herrera’s joyful, larger-than-life approach to fashion. Fulfilling the modern woman’s every makeup requirement and more, it’s a celebration of beauty and the freedom to express oneself in a daring, authentic way.

In a bid to be inclusive, and with every single woman in mind, the brand’s global makeup consultant, Lauren Parsons added, “From the start of our collaboration, the main focus was to create a makeup line of modern, fresh textures and colors that would suit everyone.”

Carolina Herrera as a brand celebrates color, and this new makeup line is no exception as it is packed full with a palette of vibrant hues, with the standout lipsticks being an invitation to celebrate optimism and irreverence. Creative director of the fashion division, Wes Gordon stated: “the Herrera woman is the one standing out in a bright pink coat when everyone else is in black. I wanted to translate the joy and exuberance of our collections into the Herrera Beauty line. The idea that a dress or an outfit can lift your mood and bring you happiness is a simple yet powerful concept, and I feel that makeup should be the same.”

Herrera Beauty is now available online at and select Sephora stores:
Sephora Dubai Mall (UAE), Sephora Al Mariyah Mall (UAE), Sephora Doha Festival City (QATAR), Sephora Avenues III (KUWAIT), Sephora Mall of Arabia (KSA), Sephora Nakheel Mall (KSA), Sephora Dharan II (KSA)

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