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A Scent For Every Ramadan Night By Mona Kattan

Five Scents. A Hundred Notes. A Million Moods.

We all know Mona Kattan as Huda Kattan’s sister and partner when it comes to all things makeup, beauty and perfumes and Mona’s concept, KAYALI, is a unique one inspired by the rich heritage and simple sophistication of the Middle East.

With Ramadan on the horizon, it seems social calendars are going to get busier. Every night is a different vibe – whether it’s a bustling family feast with all your extended cousins and aunts, a relaxed evening with friends or an intimate one at home with just your loved ones, you can pick a Kayali perfume to fit your mood.

The brand’s inaugural fragrance collection is handcrafted and perfected in France, in collaboration with Firmenich, one of the world’s leading perfume houses and features a collection of captivating scents, designed to be layered and combined to match your mood.

The collection includes ELIXIR | 11, the ultra-addictive signature scent, VANILLA | 28, the sophisticated take on indulgence, MUSK | 12, the sultry combination of unexpected accords, CITRUS | 08, the modern twist on a classical, and DÉJÀ VU WHITE FLOWER | 57, the seductive yet warm and comforting scent.

Making your perfume needs handy and practical, they also come in a compact rollerball package with a scent on either side so you don’t just have to choose one; VANILLA | 28 AND MUSK | 12 is the perfect on-the-go accessory to keep you smelling fresh all day and HAIR MIST DÉJÀ VU WHITE FLOWER | 57 envelopes your hair in a delicate, fragranced, and nurturing formula.

The KAYALI collection is available for shopping at

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