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Arab Superstar Latifa To Lead Spotify’s First-Ever Female-Only Masterclass

Emphasising playlists and artist growth, the special installment supports female emerging artists from MENA through the Sawtik initiative.

Music industry hopefuls, it’s time to update your calendar because Spotify is presenting its first-ever Sawtik female-only masterclass. And Arab superstar and Godmother of Sawtik, Latifa Bint Alaya El Arfaoui, is set to host a special guest spot to share her story. The special installment, which supports the region’s emerging female artists as part of the Sawtik initiative, will take place on March 21.

The Tunisian superstar, who has partnered with the world’s most popular audio streaming service to be a mentor to exceptional up-and-coming talents from countries like UAE, KSA, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco, will be offering creators valuable tips and advice. With the aim to educate emerging female artists about Spotify For Artists, this exceptional installment is perfect for all those eager to discover the knowledge, tools and best practices to help raise their profile and find their audience on Spotify.

“Female Arab artists continue to fight stereotypes and other barriers in the pursuit of their musical passions, and the research from Spotify confirms this,” Latifa, who started her career in the 80s, told “Vogue Arabia.” “My journey hasn’t happened without its challenges and while I enjoy a successful career, there are many others still waiting for the right opportunity to shine.” The singer and actress added Sawtik offers female artists an effective platform to reveal their talent and build a connection with audiences who will love their music across all genres. Latifa also said she is excited to support the artists and help boost their future careers.

Sawtik, which means “your voice” in Arabic, was launched late last year as Spotify’s inaugural women-in-music initiative for the Middle East and North Africa region. The initiative, unveiled with 16 emerging talents including Almas, Jarra and Feluka, is also backed by other influential women in the music business. Introduced the same week that Apple launched its New Artists: Middle East playlist, It focuses on amplifying the voices of emerging female artists and turning up the volume on the region's most enthralling female voices. Whether they’re already in the music industry or hoping to get a foot in the door, the programme makes it easier for labels and fans to discover them. 

This isn’t the first Spotify plan intended to raise women’s voices in music and media. Their Equaliser Project shines the light on female creators in the Nordic music industry, while their Sound Up initiative assists podcasters across the US, UK and Ireland, Germany, Australia, Sweden and Brazil.
To register and book your spot at the session, email [email protected]

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