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Follow These 3 Sex Education Platforms for Arab Women

Dr. Sandrine Atallah, leading sexologist in the Middle East and Dr. Gael Bou Ghannam, gynecologist in Beirut. Image via Sohati Care.

We've rounded up 3 regional platforms raising awareness on sex and sexual health with credible bite-sized content. Let's break the reigning stigma in the Arab world!

1. Mauj

Curated for Arab women, Mauj shares information-packed content tackling sexual health, women's health, and sex. Follow Mauj here.

2. Dr. Sandrine Atallah

Dr. Sandrine Atallah shares expert tips via her social media channels and successful regional podcasts. Breaking many taboos around sex in the Middle East, the sexologist delves into topics including sexuality and reproductive health. Follow Dr. Atallah here.

3. Niswa

Created by a Saudi woman in the United States, Niswa raises awareness around women's health, reproductive health and sexuality. Follow Niswa here.

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