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This Track By Alya Will Help You Dance Those COVID-19 Blues Away

The Afro-inspired beat along with R&B is exactly what we need right now.

During the coronavirus, people all over the globe have been turning to music, which creates a sense of belonging and participation. If putting on some tunes and dancing has been the antidote to help you stay uplifted, pumping up the latest track from Alya should be your next wellness-charged exercise.

Alya, who has been stealing the spotlight as one of UAE's sweetest rhythm & blues (R&B) female voices, has truly delivered with “Coco Kisses.” To be enjoyed by all, the track produced by Universal Music MENA has all the fresh beats to help you dance and feel good as you navigate the drawn-out pandemic. Best described as having a summery-shimmery vibe, it’s just what we’d expect from the bubbly Emirati-British singer-songwriter and is sure to lift spirits. "Coco Kisses” is just tropical summer happiness," the 15-year-old artist says.

While the drop by the young star is expectedly infused with R&B, that magically melodic genre that comes with a steady rhythm, it also sees her staying true to her Arab roots. Alya, proficient in English and Arabic, slips in an Arabic verse, letting the lyrics flow smoothly as she effortlessly switches between the two languages.

Alya, who has been described by industry powerhouse Simon Fuller as “faultless” and Jennifer Lopez’s choreographer Kyle Hanagami as “something special, ”exploded into the music scene with “Hung Up.” Her debut label track landed her a spread in several publications like “Cosmopolitan,” “Savoir Flair” and “Friday Magazine.”

The Dubai-raised artist, who embraces both of her parents’ cultures with ease, boasts 40,000 views for her TikTok videos and over 61,000 followers on Instagram. Alya has also amassed a global fan base from countries as diverse as Brazil, Portugal and Saudi Arabia, and she is the subject of more than 200 fan pages. With her dazzling looks, it’s hardly surprising that she caught the attention of Fendi stylists and brands like PrettyLittleThing are clamouring to sign her as a brand ambassador.

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