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Ciara Is Launching Her Own Beauty Brand

Hot on the heels of the likes of Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez, Ciara is the next singing starlet to announce the launch of her very own line of beauty products. The multi-faceted singer is no stranger to entrepreneurialism as she recently, along with her husband Russel Wilson, released a fragrance called R&C which features two intertwined bottles that represent each of them and their signature scents.
Not drawing the line at just perfume, it seems that Ciara is looking to offer up some more in the form of self-care…

Last week on an Instagram live with Michelle Lee, the editor in chief of beauty publication, Allure, the singer, dancer, team owner, mother and wife, announced that she would be launching her own beauty line. Ciara told Lee that during the pandemic, her skin care regime was an important part of her personal care, and that she wanted to launch her very own formula. Already in the making, the One-Two-Step singer revealed that she has been working with beauty experts to create a formula that has made a difference to her skin.

Not sharing too many details about the name of the brand and when we can expect to get our hands on it, Ciara did touch on the fact that her products would be suitable for all skin types and even though the interviewer, Michelle Lee, tried to probe for some more information about it – Ciara kept her lips sealed for now! 

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