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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Perfume For You

Whether you have time to research before you hit the stores or you’re more likely to pick the perfect scent on the fly, these four expert tips will definitely help you on your olfactory journey…

Choosing the perfect signature perfume, which can truly become an extension of yourself, can be tough. Whether you’re a scent aficionado looking for a new one to spritz on or you’re starting your journey into the world of fragrances, doing the rounds sniffing lots of different options (sometimes with a not-so-friendly or helpful sales person in front of you) can be an unnerving experience.
Thankfully, the experts from Parfums de Marly, the French specialists inspired by the sophistication and extravagance of the 18th century, are here to help you. Here are four ways to find the scent that smells, as well as feels, like you imagined it into existence.

1. Stick to two scents at a time
If you are on the hunt for the ultimate scent for the very first time, try a variety of fragrances until you find the note that resonates with you. However, you should limit it to trying only two at a time. Let each scent make its own space in your olfactory world to help you better understand what you love the most.

2. Spritz, waft and smell
Try out scents when you have ample time as it shouldn’t be a rushed experience. To buckle your chances of finding that premier scent, keep in mind patience is a virtue. It is important that you don’t just spray, smell and decide to immediately buy it. Spritz the scent and waft it towards your nostrils to get a better feel for it, this is how the aroma comes to you in the best possible way.

3. Avoid rubbing it in so it can settle
Always squirt the scent on the spots on your skin that are fragrance-free. Once you’ve done that, avoid rubbing it in, however tempted you are. Instead, let it dry down. When you rub the scent, you unintentionally rub off the top notes, which could cause the perfume to smell entirely different. You should allow at least 10-15 minutes to smell the perfect blend of all the notes.

4. Consider more than one
When it comes to finding your signature perfume, you don’t have to be restricted to the same one. You can have various scents as part of your beauty arsenal, to use during different occasions and, yes, seasons. Before you decide on a specific scent, it is important that you work out what you want it to say about you or which personality trait you want it to represent. Do you want a fragrance that makes heads turn or something that is more intimate? Depending on the occasion and how you’re feeling, your signature scent will differ so don’t be afraid to explore.

Fast fact: When you’ve found a scent you’re madly in love with, it is a good idea to occasionally spray it in your hair as it moves around with the air. This helps to ensure the scent lasts for a long time. 

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