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The Dubai Mall Will Be Hosting The GCC’s Biggest Digital Art Gallery

In a matter of a few months, The Dubai Mall will be home to an immersive digital art gallery spread over 2700 sq meters. Set to feature some of the world’s most iconic works of art by the likes of Dali, Monet, and Van Gogh, the new gallery is named “Infinity Des Lumieres.” 

The vast space will showcase infamous works of art via 130 projectors, 58 speakers and 3000 high definition moving images, in a digital set up like no other. A space open to anyone and everyone, the unique gallery looks to introduce a tech-driven cultural and arts platform and its creators have determined that “Infinity Des Lumieres” will feature the largest digital facade within The Dubai Mall with an incredible display area of 200 square meters of projected art.

The gallery offers up an immersive, multi-sensory, journey of sound, light, movement and color for a delightful shock to all of the senses.

The first exhibition is set to pay tribute to Vincent Van Gogh, whilst also featuring a Japanese art and sound installation entitled “Verse,” simultaneously. 
In collaboration with InfinityArt and Culturespaces Digital, “Infinity Des Lumieres” have been producing exhibitions since 2012 with French galleries at the “Atelier des Lumieres” in Paris, as well as the “Carrières de Lumieres” in Provence, the “Bassins de Lumieres” in Bordeaux and the “Bunker des Lumieres” in South Korea. 

“Infinity Des Lumieres” will be accessible from The Dubai Mall following further announcements about launch dates, entry costs and programs in the next couple of months. 

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