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Arab Fashion Council Pioneers First Men’s Fashion Week In The Region

As well as celebrating creativity and freedom of expression of fashion for men, the newfound event will benefit designers that embrace gender-neutrality.

All over the world, men have been adopting more venturesome wardrobes. And the first men’s fashion week in the region is proof Arab attitudes towards trends are also clearly on the move. The Arab Fashion Council, which coordinates and endorses Arab Fashion Week, has announced it will also be organising Arab Fashion Week-Men’s. The world's largest non-profit fashion council, and an INGO for the Arab world, recognised the recent popularity of international streetwear brands entering the market has fuelled a moment for menswear in the region. With more men expressing their style, personalities and preferences through fashion, it was a natural step to establish the male addition. 

As well as established menswear designers, the inaugural Arab Fashion Week- Men’s, which runs from 28-30 January 2021, will allow emerging stars from countries like the UAE, Lebanon, Qatar and Iran to showcase their pieces. Additionally, thanks to the strategic partnership between The Arab Fashion Council and The Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode, four emerging menswear designers from Paris Fashion Week Men’s, will be participating in the exciting event.

Like the October edition of Arab Fashion Week, the exciting event is in partnership with Facebook, Inc. Designers will be premiering their collections through their individual expressions of digital creativity on Facebook Live and Instagram Live. This will allow 2 billion users all around the world to view and pre-order the designers’ collections direct through Instagram Shopping and the ByTribute luxury marketplace.

Arab Fashion Week- Men’s, which reinforces the Arab Fashion Council’s goal to establish a sustainable platform that backs regional talent. It is set to become a permanent fixture and is scheduled to take place every January and June, in line with the menswear fashion week calendar.

“The world around us is changing, so too are attitudes towards fashion and nowhere more so than in the Middle East. Arab Fashion Week-Men’s presents the breadth of menswear beyond formal attire and streetwear and paves the way for men in the Middle East to embrace a more adventurous wardrobe,” Mohammed Aqra, Chief Strategy Officer of the Dubai-based council that has a commitment to the principles of equality and progress across the region, said.

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