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Scotland Becomes the First Country to Make Period Products Free

Congratulations and here's to many more countries following suit!

Women and girls in Scotland have just landed themselves a major win! The country has just become the first nation to make menstruation products free for those who cannot afford them.

Monica Lennon, the Member in Scottish Parliament (MSP) who introduced the bill said: "We all agree that no one should have to worry about where their next tampon, pad or reusable is coming from." Despite the rising challenges of the pandemic, Lennon hailed the achievement as "a proud day for Scotland and a signal to the world that free universal access to period products can be achieved."

On November 24, MSPs passed the legislation pushing the government to set up a scheme to provide the products and impose the requirement on other public institutions. Schools and universities must also have a range of period products available in their toilets for free.

Local authorities and educational establishments have already been providing free products, but it is now a legal requirement. "The new law will help to ensure that no girl or woman in Scotland struggles to afford period products," the children's rights and equality non-profit tweeted according to Euronews

We're so happy to see major strides taken against period poverty and we hope to see similar moves in the Middle East! What do you think?

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