These are the Countries that Saudis Love to Visit

The most recent tourism statistics by MAS, the Tourism Information and Research Centre, revealed the countries that are most visited by KSA people. As it turns out, people in KSA like to stay close to home.

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Jordan, 1,121,184 KSA visitors
With a rich history and amazing sites like Petra and the Dead Sea, it’s no wonder Saudi people flock to this beautiful country. It’s also not too far and since it’s an Arab country, it doesn’t feel too unfamiliar to visitors.

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UAE, 1,450,115 KSA visitors
This isn’t much of a surprise. KSA’s neighbor is a great place for world-renowned shopping, an indoor ski vacation, and delicious food. The UAE is the perfect place to unwind from daily life and enjoy the huge malls and incredibly tall skyscrapers. The Formula 1 race in Abu Dhabi is also a big draw for tourists.

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Bahrain, 1,542,443 KSA visitors
Only a short distance from KSA, this island has a history going back to ancient Mesopotamia. Now, the country’s old ruins and temples, great weather and water sports bring tourists here for a break on an island paradise.

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India, 1,627,436 KSA visitors
Visitors from all over the world come here for the (very spicy) food, gorgeous temples and unique sights like the Ganges River. It’s one of the closest places for Saudis to surround themselves with a totally different culture – it also doesn’t hurt that there are so many photo ops in this gorgeous country (Taj Mahal, anyone?).

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Egypt, 1,773,659 KSA visitors
The most visited country by KSA people is Egypt! A famously rich history makes this country an amazing place to visit. People from KSA can enjoy a trip down the Nile, the view of the iconic Pyramids of Giza and unbelievable sites like the Temple of Luxor.

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