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Hatem Alakeel Launches Authenticite To Empower Saudi Creatives

The empowerment enthusiast is uniting entrepreneurs and young enthusiasts with professionals and academics from top global and regional brands and universities…

Authenticite is the new Saudi consulting and creative production agency spotlighting and elevating Saudi creatives, as well as helping them get that big break. Orchestrated by Saudi menswear designer Hatem Alakeel, the agency has banded together a huge array of conceptual, communications and production specialists who can guide and enhance work by inspirational artists, fashion designers and brands from the Arab world and the international scene.

Founded in the middle of the pandemic on the principle that “art and fashion are the world’s common languages,” Authenticite aims to connect Saudi culture and vision with the world by uniting the Saudi ethos, historic and contemporary affluence with the global perspective. “Saudi has a plethora of multi-faceted talent which I feel privileged to celebrate; from wonderful Saudi designers to the amazing artists I am celebrating through my agency,” Alakeel, who launched his brand Toby by Hatem in 2006, told “Harper’s BAZAAR Arabia.”

The agency offers profiling, whether it’s collaborations with some of the most significant online portals and publications or support and guidance on the different components of precise profiling, profiling and executive identity. Educational workshops that touch on entrepreneurship are another key service from Authenticite, with the agency inviting speakers from giants like MIT, Snap Chat and Google.

The organisation also conceptualises and organises events and forums, from bespoke fashion shows and modelling exhibitions to boutique events and fashion roundtables. The team also offers diverse and tailor-made production solutions, from concept to execution, for films linked to art and fashion. Additionally, Authenticite provides all stages of content development expertise. The choices range from pin pointing relevant topics and key themes to bringing them to life in an artistic and engrossing manner.

Award-winning Alakeel, who is also behind Style by Ha, made a name for himself by giving the traditional Arab thobe a makeover and making it globally appealing. The designer and entrepreneur, who curated an exhibition and forum featuring Saudi designers in 2018, is all about celebrating tradition while giving it a modern twist. 

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