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Saudi Arabia Loves These K-Pop Acts

According to Spotify!

K-Pop is a huge musical phenomenon that has everyone tapping their feet to the catchy sounds of some of the world’s biggest acts. Having a major impact globally on the way pop culture is now being consumed, Spotify analyzed their data and stats and made a discovery about the listening habits of K-Pop fans across Saudi Arabia and the UAE and it seems that these are their top 5 favorite bands…

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Blackpink are the Seoul based all girl group, who, if you don’t know much about them already, have just released a documentary about their lives on Netflix, entitled “BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky,” and have nabbed Spotify’s #1 global album spot with their latest release “The Album.”

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Stray Kids

Stary Kids happens to be a popular band in the Middle East. The eight member boy band, who are responsible for hits including “Side Effects,” and “Grow Up, are currently in the process of preparing for a major virtual concert on Beyond Live on 22nd November.

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BTS really don’t need much of an introduction as they have helmed the K-Pop phenomenon in the Middle East with their catchy music – and since establishing their band in 2013, have gone on to perform in Saudi Arabia. The boy band also recently came in at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart with their first release in English, “Dynamite.”

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Slightly newer to the K-Pop scene, but stealing the show non-the-less, are ATEEZ who first stepped onto the scene in 2018 and are a popular choice amongst Middle Eastern fans. Moreover, the group has very recently released 5 Korean-language Eps, 2 Japanese albums and a full length K-Pop one…

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Another girl band that are major fan favorites are Twice. The nine-member female group have just celebrated their 5th anniversary as a band and are now releasing their second album, “Eyes Wide Open.”

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