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Chef Hala Ayash Joins Other Regional Star Chefs For TikTok Cook-Off

The Saudi-born and raised healthy food lover is a proponent of hard work and determination…

Chef Hala Ayash has joined five more regional celebrity chefs to challenge foodies in a TikTok cook-off. By banding together with other renowned content creators and chefs like Chef Hisham Baeshen, Chef Ali Ghzawi and Chef Ghada El Tally, the Syrian culinary whizz is giving all food lovers a chance to show off their skills in the kitchen and create some gastronomical beauty on a platter. The challenge on the world’s leading short-form video platform also involves Chef Shaheen, aka Mr Hungry, and Chef Mohamed Hamed.


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On October 22, the celebrity chefs will announce the six winners, cherry-picked by them, on TikTok. If you’re up to recreating their distinctive and delicious recipes all you need to do is click onto TikTok and show them what you’ve got, using the hashtag #الشيف_يحكم. Participants get the chance to win AED 1,000 worth of kitchen appliances.


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About Chef Hala Ayash
Saudi born and raised Chef Hala Ayash has inspired many aspiring cooks in the region and beyond to get into their kitchens and create fresh and delicious meals. After taking courses in countries like Spain, Italy and France to hone her culinary skills, she fell in love with Mediterranean cuisine. Using only the freshest, best quality ingredients, one of her favourites being olive oil, she has become renowned for her healthy, lip-smacking recipes full of flavours from Mediterranean and Levantine countries. 


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Une publication partagée par Hala Ayash هلا عياش (@chefhalaayash) le

The Dubai-based master chef started focusing on healthy cooking in 2003, after the birth of her daughter. For Ayash, who loves to whip up foods inspired by her travels like pastas and paella, putting tasty and wholesome meals on the table and being a role model became a top priority. By the time Ayash got her diploma from the International Centre for Culinary Arts in Dubai in 2008, earning her the accolade of professional chef, her career in the culinary arts really started to take off.


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The gastronomic force featured on the first season of MBC’s popular show “Top Chef Arabia,” walking out, with some added cooking expertise, as first runner up. She has described her time on the food reality show game as “a life changing experience” as it forced her out of her comfort zone. Ayash, who also happens to be a certified personal trainer, went on to become a regular on the network’s morning show “Sabah Al Kheir Ya Arab” while hosting the daily cooking segment. 

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