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Al Jamila Relaunches Website With A Brand-New Look And Feel

New design offers smoother browsing experience & top-notch features...

In line with its mission to provide readers with the most up-to-date experiences, pertinent topics, and contemporary content out there, Al Jamila recently redesigned its website, bringing its visitors a smoother browsing experience and easier-to-navigate platform, complete with modern features and a more intuitive interface. Although only just relaunched, the new website has been well received, with a staggering 13 million global views witnessed in the last month alone, along with about 5 million visits. With regards to just the Gulf region, the website garnered 1.7 million views within the same time period and the number of visitors to the new platform stood at 900,000. Indeed, in terms of number of visitors globally, Al Jamila only comes in second to Sayidaty. It is worth mentioning that about 63 percent of the publication’s frequent visitors are women, the majority who fall within the 25-to-35-year age range.

Publishing Exceptional Content for Over 3 Decades 
Al Jamila is a lifestyle publication that caters to today’s Arab woman, particularly to contemporary Saudi women. It works with experts in the fields of beauty, makeup, fashion, jewelry, health, fitness, and more to create pertinent content and inspiring pieces that speak to and aim to enrich the lives of its readers. Ever since its launch in 1994 under the umbrella of the Sayidaty group, Al Jamila has had a proven track record through both its publication and website, garnering millions of followers in the region and beyond with its coverage of creative subjects and expert-led productions. Over the past 30 years, Al Jamila has worked to provide engaging content that presents the latest in fashion and beauty while meeting the expectations of more than 3 million visitors from around the world, of which 600,000 come from Saudi Arabia. 

Website Features to Enrich The Experiences Of Today’s Woman 
Key sections of the new Al Jamila website have been developed with the aim to answer the needs of women in the region today, offering rich content related to modest fashion, beauty, art, celebrities, gastronomy, health and fitness, weddings and engagements, mother and child, news, tourism and travel, career and development, décor, watches and jewelry, photo albums, and the Al Jamila Beauty School. In addition to these, Al Jamila has launched three new specialized sections: 

The Experts Section 
This focuses on providing readers with expert advice related to fashion, beauty, health, medicine, fitness and nutrition, through rich content and compelling videos. Experts who work on developing and curating content for this section include: Dr. Rashad Haddad (gynecologist); Dr. Nadia Bouhanad (life coach); Dr. Sarah Agha (specialist plastic surgeon); Razan Shweihat (dietitian); and Dr. Frida Tannous (consultant dermatologist, aesthetic medicine and laser therapy). They are joined by leading experts in the field of beauty, fashion, and modest fashion, such as Saudi beauty expert Noura Bouwad, fashionista Zeina Louai, and fashionista Rasha Al-Beik. 

The “Tried & Tested” Section 
This section brings together fashion and beauty experts, as well as the editors of Al Jamila magazine and website, to talk about their experiences on camera with trying different brands, including makeup, perfumes and skin-care products. These Al Jamila produced videos aim to guide readers in their choices, and are paired with an ecommerce arm allowing visitors to purchase these “tried and tested” products. 

The Product Review Feature 
Last but not least, Al Jamila’s new website offers a "product placement" section, with the aim to connect readers with all the brands and products offered on the site through a faster selection process, as well as a better shopping experience achieved via the site’s user-friendly browsing technology. 

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