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KAYALI Launches An On The Go Perfume

The brainchild of Huda Beauty founders for whom scent is sacred and embedded in their Middle Eastern heritage, KAYALI (Arabic to ‘my imagination), brings a decidedly cosmopolitan perspective and eclectic spirit to the world of perfume.

Advocating a contemporary vision, the brand is dedicated to producing complex scents with strong characters and unique points of view. Intelligently designed to be layered and combined, the Eau de Parfums are composed with the rarest and most precious natural ingredients from around the world.


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The unique, luxury perfume concept founded by global beauty entrepreneur Mona Kattan, is built around the act of artful layering inspired by Middle Eastern fragrance traditions. As Mona’s approach to perfume is a creative, evolutionary concept, KAYALI has just launched an innovative rollerball featuring two of Mona’s favorite scents in a versatile and purse-sized 2 x 5ml format.  


Une publication partagée par KAYALI FRAGRANCES(@kayali) le

“For me, KAYALI has always been about personalization and experimentation,” says Mona. “By redesigning our two most popular fragrances into a rollerball format, we've made it super easy for you to customize your fragrances on-the-go without having to bring full-sized bottles everywhere you go. We want our rollerball to empower you to explore the art of layering wherever and whenever you want.” 

The new rollerball perfume combines KAYALI’s Musk | 12 and Vanilla | 28 and comes in a compact size that allows for you to top up your scent or change it up throughout the day making it perfect for popping in your handbag for a day running errands or a night out.  

One side of the rollerball is loaded with Vanilla | 28, which is an oriental gourmand scent with notes of Musk, Amber, and Patchouli, and on the other end, Musk | 12, a powerful concoction with notes of Lotus Flower, Freesia and sheer Jasmine. Layer the two together and you’re presented with a warm, cocooning scent that is described as both “opulent and mysterious.” 


Une publication partagée par KAYALI FRAGRANCES(@kayali) le

Mona Kattan’s tip on the best way to wear perfume is to apply on the pulse points, as well as the insides of her elbows and backs of the knees! 

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