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Covid-19 Cases Continue To Decline In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia continues to witness a decline in the number of daily coronavirus cases.

Daily coronavirus cases are witnessing a decline in Saudi Arabia. On September 1st, the Ministry of Health reported only 898 cases with a total number of active cases reaching 21,227, which includes 1,519 critical cases. According to statistics, 43 percent of the new cases are females, 57 percent males, and 9 percent are children..

“Praise be to Allah, for it is the third day in a row that the new daily recorded cases of COVID-19 in the Kingdom has decreased to less than 1,000," tweeted the Ministry's spokesman  Dr. Mohammed Al-Abd Al-Aly about the decline in cases. Saudi Arabia is devoted to carry the fight against coronavirus and minimize its impact on the economy. With recoveries exceeding 290K, the Kingdom is working around the clock on treatment plans and vaccine research.

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