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Heartwarming: Twin Pandas Celebrate Their 1st Birthday In Berlin Zoo

Warning: You’re about be overwhelmed with a good amount of CUTE

Via AP

Berlin zoo’s very own twin panda cubs celebrated their first year on earth on the 31st of August yesterday. Happy birthday!

The adorable panda indulged in delicious frozen cake and a good generous portion of snow from the penguin house.

Meet Pit and Paul with the Chinese names Meng Xiang und Meng Yuan: the first pandas to be born in Germany who have garnered a stardom in Berlin since their public debut in January.

Meng Xiang und Meng Yuan weighed less than 200 grams at birth and they have grown so much over the past year as they weigh now 28 kilos.

And if you’re wondering what a cake for panda is made of here are the ingredient: beetroot juice, apples, sweet potatoes and of course, bamboo. 

Watch their journey below:

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