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Famous Saudi Doctor Defeats Covid-19 After Long Fight

We are grateful for this Saudi frontline hero!

Some happy news for a change! One of the Kingdom’s most brilliant doctors just recovered from coronavirus disease after 3 weeks long fight.

It’s none other than Dr. Nezar Bahabri, an infectious disease consultant, who you may know from TV screens and social media. Ever since the Covid-19 outbreak in Saudi Arabia, Bahabri has been doing the absolute best in spreading awareness on the disease and fighting false information. 

According to Arab News, Bahabri took to social media to announce his recovery and share his experience with coronavirus. He wrote: “I’m Nezar Bahabri and I was infected by coronavirus. I, like hundreds and thousands of heroes before me, were performing our duties treating patients infected and got infected with the same infection that we were treating patients for.” 

The frontline hero went on to recommend that “the white army” (or healthcare workers) must always wear a mask when treating patients. It’s important to take necessary precautions to minimize infection rate and safeguard our and our love ones’ health.

The time spent fighting Covid-19 were the hardest three weeks of his life but Dr. Bahabri still advised his audience to never give up. “Life doesn’t stop,” he said. “If you are from the 20 percent and your breathing is constricted, head to the hospital and don’t wait. Remember, less than 5 percent of patients with breathing complications due to COVID-19 are admitted to the ICU,” he added. Upon his recovery, the top Saudi doctor was showered with love, flowers, and best wishes from his ICU staff and colleagues.

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